ScooBNBDoo Community Update (With a Scooby-Doo Twist):

Can you solve the mystery of the highest paying dividends on the market?

As Velma would say Jinkies! Here are some clues and updates of our upcoming drops for the community.
You guys are going to be really hyped about the ART , the solidity programming that goes behind the AI generated traits that each Scooby-Doo will carry , when you mint you will get a randomly generated NFT of Scooby-Doo some will be worth alot more then others , You can stake your NFT’s to earn rewards and we are working on a progressive jackpot . We are considering adding an interactive game where you can use your Scooby-Doo

Ruh-roh — RAGGY!!!

As long as you don’t list your NFT for sale you will earn rewards (this keeps the price higher with less for sale on the marketplace)

Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?

The comic books will be the first real Comics that will be minted on the blockchain and we will have actual physical super short print (very limited number) printed that will be number for example we are thinking of doing like 3 per comic we drop. They will be number and some will be signed by Scooby-Doo.

Lemme at ‘em! LEMME AT ‘EM!!

The games we are making nice progress , you will be able to earn rewards just by playing our games , and again another progressive jackpot you can hit while playing as long as you are a ScooBNBDoo holder!

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!! PUPPY POWER!!

We also are launching Scooby-Doo scratch off tickets.

A couple things we have considered but not put into our roadmap is a scooby-doo lottery ticket game , and a scooby-doo wheel that you can spin every x amount of hours to win certain prizes.

We will have some regular 1/1 art listed for sale on the markeplace such as the comic books (or comic book pages) and some other dope custom art work.

This project has so much potential , I just want to say thank you to the community for all the support. Our team has been working so hard on bringing everything to you in a timely manner. Some of the things we are working on are not cheap to develop , and we do appreciate anyone who can give some time to the community or pledge any funds to help speed up the progress of our ecosystem and boost our marketing .

Luckily you guys are in good hands when it comes to marketing , because your Founder and Dev (Scooby-Doo) is a well known marketing expert and we believe the story behind The Adventures of ScooBNBDoo : Solving Mysteries Around the Blockchain will certainly bring us some national attention on different platforms.

The story will be told over time with the release of each comic book , and we have actual professionally filmed , directed and produced videos with actors in Scooby-Doo Costumes the help tell this amazing story.

Last but not least we hope to animate some of the story into a cartoon (mini animated series).

After we compete this phase of the project , we will continue telling this epic tale and we will drop the next biggest thing on the blockchain. You all will be the original investors of this ecosystem that will add a Scooby Swap exchange and a 2nd layered token called “Scooby Snacks” that can be farmed on our yield farm.

We are working in advance on partnerships with other projects to let our holders farm other projects tokens with high APR/APY , and our second token (Later Phase) will be farmed on other well known yield farms bringing more investors and putting more eyes on our project and ecosystem.

What we are putting together is not your everyday “Meme Coin” , this is a complete ecosystem with some never before seen use cases and some incredible art / technology for this amazing community.

We will let some users test out the Game that has built in NFT’s in a beta test , and if we get some good feedback we will incorporate this into our ecosystem.

We will be adding daily promotions and giveaways for the community , and working towards our CoinGecko and CMC listing.

We are happy to be listed on CoinPaprika , and can’t wait for the next phase of the project.
As the Gang is known to say :”And I’d have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!” Those paperhands will be very sad when they look back at the project they sold for a quick buck.

So many evil monsters Scooby and the Gang have to tackle when crossing different blockchains and solving mysteries like how to make a token boom that only an expert like Scooby-Doo can solve!

Which blockchain and evil will the Gang have to cross first?

We want the community to be begging like a dog, ruff, for the next chapter of the story to come out.

Again thank you to everyone , thank you to the diamond hands and original OG Scooby Gang, and also lets say thank you to the paper hands who droped their bags and gave us all those yummy BNB rewards , or like Scooby Calls them Scooby Snacks Stuffed with BNB.

Thank You,


(Founder and Developer of ScooBNBDoo)




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The highest paying dividend reward token, automatically receive BNB for holding $ScooBNB-Doo